“Raise Your Gloves”

Author: Marshal Burnham

A Bit about Me (Marshal)

I've got two baby girls who mean the world to me.

Zoey Belle (2 years old) whose name means "Life is Beautiful" and she has made mine more beautful then I'd imagined. and Kezzy (4 years old) whose name means "Final Blessing" After a very tough loss of a child Kezzy came to change our entire world. I love these two girls.

My Amazing Wife.

I love my wife dearly! Megan and I are a perfect pair due to our imperfections. We love life and we love doing it together. She doesn't always understand my creative side, and I don't always understand her science/medical side but that keeps life even more exciting. My best friend and a companion in this struggle of life.

Me, Marshal.

I'm not sure what my story will be yet. I'm constantly reaching out into life to see what God has for me and what he is challenging me to do. I love writing and music (solo album available on itunes) but more then anything I love this adventure with my family called life.

My beautiful Family.

We are open to what God has in store for us. Some may not understand what that means, and it may sound bizarre, but Knowing that God has created us, and placed us here for a purpose gives my family true freedom and an amazing hope that he has mind blowing plans for my family.

Where I am now.

Right now I live in the north in the Yukon, to where God has called me

That's right. Megan and I decided to follow a call (from God) to move up to a remote community in the great Northern territory of Canada called the YUKON.

This is all new to me. For the 32 years of my existence I've lived within 100 km of the hospital I was born in and the house that I grew up in. My post secondary education was only an hour away from home (University of Western Ontario)and in my married life and career I lived in London, still only an hour away from home. So all of a sudden deciding to just get up and move to the Yukon really shook me and my family to the core.

We aren't sure yet what the plan is, but we are here and loving it. We both have government jobs (I work as the Housing Manager and Territorial Rep for my community) and Megan works as the nurse in the health clinic. We are hours from any church or grocery store but we absolutely love our new challenge in life.

Born with a Purpose

I don't know what my tombstone will say yet. I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow or where I will be living next year. most of my future is a complete blur to me. However I do know one thing. I have one definate, one constant in life that excites me. I have a purpose. God as created each of us for a purpose. Before i was even given a name God knew me, and everything about me. I have been designed by an incredible Creator. Just like I had kids to bring be great joy and fulfillment in life, God created me to bring him great joy. I find unimaginable joy and freedom when I am in contact, and living in relationship with my Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. Who am I? The world always asks that question. I am a child of God, and I'm floored to know my creator. excited to be living life with Him.