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Author: Marshal Burnham

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The Negation of the Negation.

1 Feb 2014 By Marshal Burnham How it all began Comment

The negation of the negation When I was in philosophy I waned in and out of consciousness quite regularly. I enjoyed the class overall, but I enjoyed late nights with friends more than early morning with my philosophy professor. There was one lecture however that refuses to leave the accessible knowledge portion of my brain. One lecture that I quite often think about. The topic that day was called 'the negation of the negation'. This was a Marxist concept and for all the philosophy majors reading you may be flustered with my dumbed down version of this process but for the sake of this use, leave me be... .

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God is in the Gravel.

April 11th 2014 By Marshal Burnham God is in the Gravel Comment

Our new experience of living in the Yukon has brought us some new amazing adventures and along with it, some new and amazing perspectives on life. The advent of spring in particular has brought on a new excitement and a new flavour that this white kingdom has yet to offer us. For the first time since we moved here in the dead of winter we are seeing blades of grass, buds on trees, water through the ice, and a gravel base has appeared from beneath the thick layers of ice they call roads. As the sun does its due diligence during the day in melting and warming the region, the shortening night fights against it and freezes all the progress the melting has made only to start the process again the next day. The stronger of the two win the battle and from now until August, the victor is the sun...

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For God's Sake... FIGHT!.

14 Nov 2012 By Marshal Burnham Raise You Gloves Chapter Excerpt Comments 10

'Seriously, man, I can't. I'm too weak and I'm done.' He threw a punch and landed it square in the middle of my forehead. My hands were down at my waist. 'Hands up!' he yelled, and he drew in again for another shot. He launched a hook hard at my right, but my hands were up, so I just barely blocked it. Again I reminded him, 'Chad, really, I'm done.' I turned around and walked towards the ropes. It was then that everything in my life changed. It was one of those moments people talk about, a life changer, a turning point. In that ring, at that moment with me turned and walking to the ropes, my life got changed. POP! POP! POP! POP! Four hard punches landed on the back of my head. Did Chad actually just punch me in the back of my head? Chad (and God) screamed a lesson into me by punching me four times hard in the head. Appropriately enraged, I turn around, planted my feet, and raised my hands.

'Chad, seriously, Im done! Back off!' Then he says it, my spiritual revelation. He didn't hear it coming out of his mouth the way I did. It was amazing.

'Marshal, you think just because YOU'RE done, the fights over? You think because you're tired the enemy will stop pursuing? The fight isnt over until the bell rings, now turn around, and raise your gloves.' .

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Chad has become a Finalist on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter - Nations. He will now fight for the victory on the live UFC card on April 16th 2014.

I've Moved.

My wife and I accepted a call we felt from God to move to the Yukon. Our length of stay here is undetermined but we are excited to be on this new adventure with our kids, More updates to follow.

Second Book Started

I've got nothing to say on this yet really. The last book took me almost two years, so i'm not sure where this will take me, but I'm excited to be stretched and challenged again!