Raise Your Gloves

Author: Marshal J. Burnham

Raise Your Gloves

In Offence. In Defence. In Surrender. In Victory!

Sometimes it can feel like you have become a spectator in your in own story. Sitting idly while life marches on without you. Trapped by fear and entrenched in mediocrity. Sleepwalking your way through faith, relationships and the invitation to live courageously.

Marshal Burnham found himself in that place. Until friend and UFC fighter Chad “The Disciple”Laprise invited him to come and train. This invitation changed everything. In the following year under the tutelage of Laprise, Marshal would be taken to the very brink of his spiritual and physical limits. In the process of being broken down and built back up he would confront his toughest opponent, himself.

More than this he would encounter God and reawaken to His call to love wildly, give grace recklessly and represent Christ fully.

To raise his gloves in defence, in attack, in surrender and in victory.

To raise his gloves, for the fight.


My Inspiration

Jesus - The Truth.

My entire experience was a gift from God and was used to bring me closer to His Word and his message of love, grace, forgiveness and truth. Jesus is the ultimate source of Truth and my hope is founded in that truth and nothing else. My faith is based completely on His message given to us through the gospels and scriptures we have today. He is my inspiration to tell you with a different lens a truth that has existed since the beginning of creation.


This Man, Chad Laprise.

Chad has more fight, more determination, more love for the FIGHT then I have ever seen in any human. His love for Christ out shines his love for the ring, but God has clearly given him the gift to go into that world and share his message - and drop a few hard jabs in the process.


My Girls.

My girls inspire me to be better, to be more Christ like, to love them as Christ loved His church. I would give up my life for them. God gave them to me to love and raise so I need to constantly challenge myself to be better, stronger, healthier and more physically and spiritually fit.



“Never before has a book been able to inspire me on various levels.

Physically - Being overweight my entire life I felt I related with this author. His struggle and pain to shed a pound. I appreciated the honesty and sincerity. Too many books give the happy and go lucky feeling but this book told it as it is: IT'S HARD!

Mentally - Life is not easy and every day there is a new challenge. Putting your mind to the task at hand and overcoming hurdles is a necessity for victory and this author hits a home run

Emotionally - I felt every bit of victory, pain, frustration, joy, fear, etc that this author experienced in his journey.

If you are looking for a quick read and a motivational read than I HIGHLY recommend this book! .”

Tyle Ellis


“Finally got my hands on your book - about three quarters through in a day. Marshal, you've inspired me! Not only to be physically fit, but to press into God and see all that he has to offer!

You are so open and honest in your book and it's absolutely refreshing to read something so raw. I love how each chapter delves into the lessons you've learned and it's encouraged me to see those little things that can have such an impact on your life!

Thank you so much for writing this and sharing your journey! I cannot wait to finish this (and read it again and again!) I hope you've got more to share! I will definitely be sharing this book around!!! Thank you!

... I just finished, and I loved it! The ending was incredible!”

Elyse Gaiswinkler

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